VCS Health Services

The main objective of Victory Christian School health program is to assist each student in achieving and maintaining optimal health so that maximum physical, social, spiritual and intellectual growth can occur.

Working together will make this goal a reality. We believe that frequent communication between the parents and school staff is most helpful in ensuring your child’s well-being and success!
The school nurse is on duty only during school hours and does not attend field trips. She is available to the students who become ill or injured and to parents with questions regarding children and/or school health policies. The school nurse’s role is NOT to diagnose any medical conditions but to help treat mild symptoms or injuries that occur during the school day.
Please make sure to complete all health-related information on your child’s RenWeb account. This includes permission to treat any allergy and medical conditions, any medications that your child is taking, and consent to give over-the-counter medications during school hours. Please be sure to provide current contact information so that the school nurse will be able to contact either parent or guardian in case of illness, injury or emergency.
If a physician makes ANY changes for your child, whether in general health or medications (even dosages or schedules), please contact the school nurse as soon as possible so that we can update your child’s health record.
You will receive a clinic notification via email when your child visits the nurse’s office. For any major concerns, illness, injury or emergency, a phone call to parent or guardian will be made.
COVID Policy

What does school at VCS look like?

We are offering in-person, on-campus, regular classes.  We do not offer virtual options.


If a student must remain at home while healing, as in previous years, his/her teacher(s) will work with them to provide lessons, assignments, and assistance. 


Are masks/COVID vaccination required?

We do not require masks or COVID vaccination.  Anyone who chooses to wear a mask may do so, and vaccinations are a personal decision.


What have we done to help mitigate the spread of illness in the school?

We have installed hand sanitizer dispensers at every classroom door.  Students are allowed to provide their own alternative, if so desired.  Hand washing is also encouraged throughout the day.


Teachers are continuing cleaning desks and tables throughout the day and at the end of every day.


We apply PreventX 24/7 treatment to all high-use surfaces of the school every 60 days.  


What is PREVENTX 24/7?

  • an all surface durable protection barrier that provides a final bacteriostatic finish on surfaces to impart long‐lasting antimicrobial protection
  • environmental green technology that is non‐toxic, non‐leaching, non‐hazardous, and will not promote the growth of superbugs
  • when used after approved disinfectants, the surface will stay protected from microbes, including the Coronavirus.


Water fountains are available as bottle-filling stations, only.  We encourage every student to bring their own water bottles to school every day.  Please ensure that all water bottles are labeled with your child’s name.


What are the standards of health that allow a student to attend school?

Anyone experiencing symptoms of illness will need to stay home.  He/she must be symptom-free for 48 hours without the aid of medication before returning.


Symptoms include, but are not limited to:


Fever (99.9 or higher)

Sore throat

Runny/Stuffy nose



Upset stomach

Vomit or diarrhea

Aching muscles (without reason)



Since we do not perform COVID testing or diagnose here at VCS, any physical symptoms will have to be taken as a possible illness. 


Students who arrive at school with any of these symptoms will be required to return home immediately, unless a doctor’s note has been provided which states that symptoms are not contagious. 


Please ensure that you are assessing your child(ren)’s health each morning before leaving your home.  If your child requires medication for visible symptoms, or if there is any question,


please err on the side of caution and remain at home.


What if a student or staff/faculty member has received a positive COVID-19 test?

If we receive a report that a member of our school community has been diagnosed with COVID-19, we will rely upon the recommendations of their physician regarding the length of any quarantine and when they may be able to return to school.  At a minimum, those required by a health care professional to quarantine must be symptom free for at least 48 hours before returning.  All provided medical information will be maintained within the School Nurse’s Office and returning students and parents must check in with the school nurse

for final approval prior to returning to class.


**ALL absences (for any reason—illness, personal, etc.) should be reported to your child(ren)’s appropriate school office. 


Personal Responsibility

We are asking that in choosing to send your child(ren) to Victory Christian School, you partner with us to ensure that we do our best to provide a safe and secure learning environment for our faculty, staff, students, and families.

Medication Policy
All Medication (prescription or over the counter) that are to be taken during school hours MUST:
1. Be brought to the nurse’s office by a parent or guardian. Medications brought in by a child or in the child’s backpack will not be administered.
2. Have a signed consent form on file in the nurse’s office.
3. Be in the original container and in the appropriate strength for the child’s age and weight.
4. Inhalers/ epi-pens must have the original prescribing information on the label. Please provide ALL medications listed on your child’s allergy plan. Please make sure these emergency medications are provided as soon as possible at the beginning of the school year so that we have it available should we ever need it.
** Medication will only be administered for mild symptoms or as prescribed by a doctor.  If your child is experiencing the symptoms as listed in our “Send Them to School or Keep Them Home” list, please allow them to heal at home until symptom-free for 48 hours. 
Food Allergies

We are seeing an increase in the number of students who have peanut/nut or other types of food allergies. Many are prescribed Emergency Medication that must be given within minutes of exposure to the product to prevent a life-threatening reaction (anaphylaxis). Your child’s teacher will notify you of any food allergies in your child’s classroom. We pray that you will consider this when planning classroom treats or parties and do not bring things such as cookies, candies, etc. that contain nuts, peanut butter, and oil or that have been prepared in food kitchens that also process or handle nuts.

We MUST have an immunization record showing your child has had all the immunizations that are required for school attendance in the State of Oklahoma. (Oklahoma statute 70-1210.191)
Without this information OR a copy of an EXEMPTION FORM 216-A filed with the Oklahoma State Department of Health, your child will not be allowed to attend classes. You can pick up a copy of this form in the main school or nurse’s office. This exemption form will need to be completely filled out, signed and then the school nurse will file with the state for approval.
Whenever your child receives a new immunization, please remember to bring a copy to school so that we can update our records. Immunization Records may also be faxed to 918-491-7727. ATTN: School Nurse.
Vision Screenings

The Oklahoma Vision Excellence requires every student entering Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 3rd Grade must show proof to his/her school that they have had a vision screening within the past twelve months. They will need a NEW screening in EACH of those school years. 

You may use a health care provider of your choice or a basic screening will be provided here at VCS at the beginning of the school year for your convenience. More information will be provided to parents at that time.

You may turn in your child’s eye exam to the main school or nurse’s office or have them faxed to 918-491-7727 ATTN: School Nurse.


Students may not attend school with lice or nits in their hair. We understand that this might be different from other schools, however, VCS has a no-nit/no lice policy. Lice are not an uncommon occurrence in school-age children; however, this is a great time to remind your children not to share hats, coats, brushes, etc. Throughout the school year, please continue to check your child for lice and if you think your child may be affected, please check with your doctor and/or the school nurse and then begin treatment as indicated. It is imperative that your child’s teacher and the school nurse be notified as soon as possible so that we can take the additional steps needed to prevent a possible lice outbreak in a classroom. To re-enter school, the parent must bring the child to be examined by the school nurse for a release. 

Send Them to School or Keep Them Home
Do I send them to school or keep them home? You d not want your child to miss school, however, you also do not want to expose other children as well. Here are a few guidelines to follow:
A runny nose: If it is clear, you can send them, but please remind your child of good hand washing after using tissues!
A bad cough or cold symptoms: can indicate a severe cold, bronchitis, flu, or even pneumonia. If your child has constant colored drainage, a severe so throat, difficulty breathing, fever, or is not acting “right”, please have them seen by your doctor.
Skin rash of unknown origin: if it is accompanied by fever or itching, please have them seen by your doctor.
Vomiting and/or diarrhea: please do not send your child to school if he/she has had either episode. Students need to be symptom-free for 48 hours before returning to school.
A temperature of 100 or greater: Students should be fever free (without any fever-reducing medications such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen for 48 hours) before returning to school.
Diagnosis of Pink-Eye (Conjunctivitis) or Step Throat: the child MUST be on an antibiotic for 48 hours before returning to school or as directed by your doctor. Any student with inflammation, drainage, swelling, and itching of the eyes, with no history of allergies, will be sent home.
Prevent Spreading Illness to Others
If your child is sick, PLEASE keep them home until he/she has been symptom-free/ fever-free for 48 hours (without the use of fever-reducing medication). It is important for children who are sick to get rest and drink plenty of fluids.
– At home, disinfect frequently touched surfaces and commonly shared items.
Talk to your child about practicing good health habits:
– Wash hands frequently with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can also be used if soap and water are not available.
– Cover mouth and nose into the inside of the elbow or with a tissue when sneezing or coughing and dispose of the tissue immediately into the trash. Then wash hands.
– Avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth.
– Avoid sharing drinks, water bottles, eating utensils and cell phones.
At VCS we are proactive in taking the steps necessary to clean/disinfect our classrooms daily, as well as using a hospital grade disinfectant.
We are standing in agreement for continued health, healing and wholeness for your family.
Please feel free to call or email the health services office with any questions or updates to your child’s health history. We look forward to helping taking care of your children and another healthy and productive year at VCS.
Health Services Office Phone: 918-499-4515