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Victory Christian School

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Lower School consists of Elementary and Intermediate program. Starting in K3 through 6th grade.

Principal: Jennifer Miller | 918.491.7722



Upper School is the Junior High and High School program. Upper School starts in 7th grade and continues through 12th.

Principal: Dr. Chris Royael | 918.491.7788


Founding Vision – Est. 1981

“God is calling churches across America to build Christian Schools.  There is a price to pay, but the reward will be worth it.  The next generation can be different if the people of God today will heed the voice of the Spirit.

The vision of Victory Christian School is to provide a place to train, prepare, and equip young people to take the ministry of Jesus to the ends of the earth, whether it is as a preacher, pastor, evangelist, prophet, apostle, teacher, or as a nurse, technician, educator, or businessperson.

In an environment of quality academics and strong discipline, students will be trained to witness their faith, to share Jesus effectively with others, and to minister love to hurting people.  They will be taught to operate in the gifts of the Spirit, to minister the healing power of God, to minister deliverance to those that are bound by devils, and be trained to walk in standards of holiness.

We realize the solemn responsibility under God to carry out this vision.  We look for parents and students who are in agreement with us, for without that, our vision cannot be fulfilled.”

Founders of Victory Christian School – Pastors Billy Joe & Sharon Daugherty


At Victory Christian school we strive to create a balanced life for our students that combines classwork, social activities and athletics.


Kyle Turner - Class of 2000 | Pastor Hillsong Kansas City

I am very grateful that at Victory Christian School, I was educated in a Kingdom First, build the local church environment. I am still living with that focus today.