Each week since 1981 Victory Christian School has had chapel and Bible

Our chapels are dynamic experiences that mix student-led worship with speakers from Victory’s ministry and the Tulsa community. Every Tuesday we have two chapels, one for our Elementary followed by one for our High School. Thursdays also have two chapels, one for our Kindergarteners followed by one for our Middle School.

Our Elementary Conquerors have chapel coordinated by Victory Kids staff and interns. Our Victory Youth team help serve our Middle and High school chapels.

These chapels are a cornerstone to the Conqueror way here at VCS. Since our inception, they have served to bring a freshness to our students while specifically calling out the greatness in their lives. Anyone who has attended VCS can point back to a specific service, song, sermon or speaker that has shifted their thought, day or call.

“Nothing you go through will be wasted”



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