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Why Victory?

When considering educational opportunities for your child, there are various schools from which to choose. 

As you research Victory Christian School, you should consider three essential questions.

Do I want a Christian school with academics integrated with a Biblical Worldview and where the gifts of the spirit are encouraged?

Am I seeking an academic institution committed to developing students that are college-ready at graduation?

Do I want to partner with a school that will train, prepare, and equip my child with academic and spiritual excellence?

If the answer is yes to those questions, then Victory Christian is the right school for you!

Why should you choose Victory Christian? Because we are a committed, Christ-centered, spirit-filled, word of faith, college preparatory school that desires to partner with your family. May God direct your steps and provide you with wisdom in making the right decision for your family. VCS is accredited by the State of Oklahoma through OPSAC, as well as ICAA and AdvancedEd servicing Grades K3 – 12 using a Biblical Worldview, small class sizes, and certified teachers.