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Victory Christian School was founded with a singular vision of providing a place to train, prepare and equip young people to take the ministry of Jesus to the ends of the earth.

We are called to live with character, accept challenges, create tomorrow and compete to win. We are Conquerors.

We have a desire to connect with families who share our beliefs and identify with our Founding Vision and core identity.

This program is for current parent and guardians who have their students full time in Victory Christian School.

  • These families should be current on their payments.
  • If the referring family’s account is paid in full, the Referral Incentive will be issued in such forms as – future enrollment fees, tech fees etc.
  • Referred family starting after the school year has begun; the referral credit will be prorated from the student’s first day and applied after the new family has been here 90 days in good standing.
  • If the referring family receives financial aid or receives LNHS they are still eligible for the referral credit.
  • All employees, including those that are receiving 50% or higher discount, are eligible for the referral credit. Credit will be applied the same as a “paid-in-full” family.
  • The new family must enroll a full-time, 5-day PreK-12 student at Victory Christian School.
  • Standard enrollment and acceptance rules apply to referred family and students.
  • There is no limit to the number of families that may be referred, the value is capped to not exceed ones yearly tuition.
  • Referral incentives do not carry over from year to year. Also, the carry no monetary value outside of tuition credits.
  • The referring family may answer questions of a general nature in reference to VCS as a whole. Statements may not be made that violate any OSSAA rules that prohibit recruiting or influencing for athletic purposes. Accordingly, it is not permitted to recruit a student to select, apply, and enroll at Victory Christian School, or to encourage or allow others to do so on its behalf, based on that student’s skill, reputation, or experience in athletics. It is understood that any violation of these rules will result in immediate dismissal from VCS. Questions of any specific nature regarding athletics should be directed to VCS Administration.
  • The VCS Referral Incentive Program may be revised or canceled at any time by Victory Christian School.
  • All responsibility lies with the current referring family to complete the New Family Referral Form to VCS for each new family you refer before the new family formally completes enrollment. If a form is not completed, the $500 reward will not be eligible. The form must be completed before the new family has completed enrollment. There will be zero exceptions and referrals may not be filed post-enrollment.
  • Referred families must be fully new to VCS. Families and students who have formerly attended or had direct students attend are not eligible.