In preparing students to succeed in the 21st Century, schools must ensure that students are digitally literate…

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Why iPads


iPads are known to be a very secure platform and give the school a great degree of control to ensure a safe learning environment.


The slim and compact design of the ipads make them ideal for students to carry to and from school.   A stylus, mouse, and keyboard can be added to make the experience more like a traditional laptop.


iPads are built very durable to begin with, and by adding a case that is slim and yet protective we can easily protect our investment and ensure working devices for all our students.


With the Apple buy back program we will be able to keep our devices updated to ensure the students are working on up to date systems.  There are also a lot of free apps in the app store the teachers can use.

The Purpose of the 1:1 Initiative

To enhance the classroom experience by empowering our faculty and inspiring our students.

A digital device in the hands of all students engages them in a highly interactive transformational learning.  Students need to be producers and evaluators of knowledge, not just consumers.  In the digital age, analyzing information is a critical skill.  In a  1:1 initiative, students will regularly have the opportunity to locate, evaluate and interpret information, as well as collaborate with others to engage in authentic, real-world tasks.  Research was conducted as to the educational value of iPads versus Chromebooks.  The result indicates that multiple formats are important for students to engage in learning.  Various schools were contacted or visited in the decision process.  The iPad has become the device of choice for these schools as most have migrated from Chromebooks or are using both.